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Skin Treatments

Pure oxygen protects our skin from free radicals this oxygen facial will restore and balance your skin leaving you with a healthy radiant glow.

Oxygen Hydrating | 85

A triple exfoliation treatment, to reveal a healthy radiant glow. Includes pure oxygen to help repair damage skin. Pure , non-chemically derived Oxygen time-released advanced delivery system. Available in a series of 5 or 10 facials for maximum results. *Add oxygen with serums specific to skin type $30

Pure Anti Aging Facial | 120

This facial is a true head to toe treatment. Whether you are looking to erase age spots, reduce skin redness, clear away acne or diminish the visible signs of aging, a Vitaskin solution is your pathway to naturally healthy skin.

Eminence Vitaskin Facial | 135

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial | 95

Recommended for a congested skin

Advanced Acne Peel | 100

Helps in treatment and prevention acne. Also available in a series.

A Deep exfoliating Facial for a dehydrated skin. Excellent for sensitive skin or rosacea.

Eminence Arctic Berry Peel | 125

Significant reduction of redness
Relief of discomfort and tightness
Decrease in irritation and sensations of warmth
Excellent for men and women with rosacea and sensitive skin

Anti Redness Recovery Facial | 145

This treatment leaves the skin supple, soft and younger-looking in record time. This treatment is the ideal choice for a special occasion like a wedding.

Ultra Moisturizing Collagen Facial | 155

Evens skin tone
Rehydrates the epidermis
Refreshes and cools the skin
Improves the overall appearance of the skin while adding comfort and well-being
Helps diminish ageing signs

Brightening C Facial | 145

Multi Hydrating Facial | 155

Visibly younger-looking skin surface
Exceptional comfort
Suppleness, softness, freshness and glow!